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Brick Island is not interested in providing generic business applications to the world. Instead, we focus on specific businesses that would benefit from automation of their processes, higher quality consistent data, worker efficiency and improved customer service.

Terminal Operations Manager

Terminal Operations Manager (TOM) is the latest offering from Brick Island for managing the diverse activities of a railroad intermodal terminal. It is a web based application built with the latest technology to provide you with 24 x 7access to your intermodal terminal operation. Since it is web-based any device; computer, mobile device or even a cell phone with internet access can give you real time access to your information. As the terminal operator you have all of the information at your fingertips, like checking order status; scheduled, pending and completed. You can check railcar status whether they are en route, onsite, or scheduled for switching. If you operate multiple terminals you can view individual terminal sites and have aggregated views across all of your sites.

Your staff will be much more efficient because customers won’t have to call them and ask if their order was shipped, or how much of a certain product is onsite, or even what the most recent temperature of a railcar might be, they can use the customer interface of TOM to view all of this for one site or across all of your sites. Your customer can place orders, view reports, manage notifications from your staff and much more. Not only will your inventory status always be available but it will be much more accurate as TOM uses drop down menus and radio buttons to reduce data entry errors, and validates input. We realize that turnover rates are high so we have made TOM extremely easy to learn and use. TOM is also customizable so that your business rules can be implemented quickly. Now that your data will be more accurate, the invoices that TOM produces will be more accurate, and since everything is real-time you can invoice weekly instead of monthly. If you struggle with compliance issues, TOM can also help by requiring mandatory steps in the workflow of inspecting a railcar, releasing a railcar, placing an order and the handling of hazardous materials. TOM also lends itself to the process rigors and quality assurances processes of ISO quality systems.

It should be noted that TOM is a redevelopment of an existing and well regarded application which has been in use since 1999. The original program underwent many upgrades and revisions over the years which have now been incorporated into an efficient application which takes advantage of the capabilities of current systems and architecture.


User Interface:
• Web based application using the latest technology to provide an extremely rich and dynamic user experience
• Simple profile-based administration system which allows users to create all business entities of the system with a “wizard” driven approach.
• Navigation is intuitive, and data is filtered and validated to reduce data entry errors and increase productivity.
• Easily manage multiple terminals
• Comprehensive searching allows you to easily locate an order or a railcar.
• Customer contracts defined in the system by you with maximum flexibility
• Contracts based on any shipper / product / site combination.
• Contracts can be defined for one, many or all products per site.
• Integrated trucking rates table
• Add comments or notes to invoice as needed
• Customized special services can be specified via the contract or the invoice
• Invoice details provided for special services, trucking and railcar services

Customer Access:
• Secure, encrypted password protected access for your customers
• Customers can place their order directly into system
• Railcar arrival list and late railcar list presented on welcome screen
• Time interval transaction reports
• Railcar and order search
• Customer can select which events they want to be notified about
Railcar Management:
• Multiple products and quantities supported per railcar
• Switch list preparation
• Custom inspection reports based on shipper, product and terminal site
• Railcar heating and temperature monitoring
• Shipper notification of low inventory levels
• Transit time recording
• Late arrival notification
• Non-conformance tracking
Order Processing:
• Customized printable transfer orders, based upon the shipper, product and site generated for loader.
• Shipper notification of receipt of order, update or order, carrier pickup arrival and delivery notification.
• Consignee notification of order update, and order pickup.
• Split order processing
• Support for multiple unit types; pounds, gallons, etc.
• Customized, printable bill of ladings generated for carrier.
Workload scheduling:
• Daily prioritized order schedules based on user assigned ready times
• CSR notifications generated as ready times approach, management notified if ready time is passed

• Numerous reports available for a specific terminals or across all of your terminals
• Transaction/order summary
• Forecasting
• Inventory reconciliation
• Loader efficiency


Price:  Transactional-based pricing model

Codename: BLAY
Masonry management
Price: Subscription-based